Download First Century Dementia by Dr. Demento download mp3 + flac
  • Genres: Rock, Music
  • Labels: Dr. Demento
  • Date: 2020-11-27
  • # of Tracks: 24
  • Album Duration: 11:49

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PlayThe 20th Century Rag by Billy Murray (02:34) – Dr. Demento

PlayYes, We Have No Bananas by Billy Jones (02:51) – Dr. Demento

PlayOh, How I Hate to Get up in the Morning by Arthur Fields (02:42) – Dr. Demento

PlayNobody by Bert Williams (02:47) – Dr. Demento

PlayThe 11: 69 Express by Fred Duprez (03:03) – Dr. Demento

PlayBarney Google by Billy Jones and Ernest Hare (03:22) – Dr. Demento

PlayThe Tale of the Cheese by Murray K Hill (03:36) – Dr. Demento

PlayAlcoholic Blues by Billy Murray (03:20) – Dr. Demento

PlayMister Gallagher and Mr. Shean “Absolutely Mr. Shean” by Ed Gallagher / Al Shean (03:14) – Dr. Demento

PlayYou Must Come Over by Davoy & Brennan (03:00) – Dr. Demento

PlayStop Your Ticking, Jock by Harry Lauder (03:03) – Dr. Demento

PlayI’m Wise by Clarice Vance (01:56) – Dr. Demento

PlayReuben Haskin’s Ride on a Cyclone Auto by Len & Harry Spencer (02:18) – Dr. Demento

PlayUncle Josh Buys an Automobile by Cal Stewart (03:17) – Dr. Demento

PlayThe Little Ford Rambling Right Along by Billy Murray (03:03) – Dr. Demento

PlayCohen at the Telephone by Joe Hayman (03:06) – Dr. Demento

PlayFido Is a Hot Dog Now by Billy Murray (02:40) – Dr. Demento

PlaySome Little Bug Is Going to Find You by Roy Atwell (03:18) – Dr. Demento

PlayCasey at the Bat by Dewolf Hopper (04:52) – Dr. Demento

PlayOh, You Candy Kid by Ada Joes (02:47) – Dr. Demento

PlayI Love Me by Eddie Cantor (02:55) – Dr. Demento

PlayThe Ravings of John Mccullough by Anonymous (01:54) – Dr. Demento

PlayOld King Tut by Billy Jones and Earnest Hare (03:14) – Dr. Demento

PlayThe Okeh Laughing Record by Anonymous (02:47) – Dr. Demento

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